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Joseph Kulandai

I have been a member for the past 1.5 years. I rarely write online reviews, but I felt I should credit Aspire for providing extraordinary services.
Recently I had to undergo a major surgery. Post surgery, Aspire took personal care and helped me to overcome the health issues. They are educated trainers in the health and fitness aspect.
The approach they have is appreciable. Every individual are subject to fitness test on a regular periodical interval. Measurements are recorded and the history kept to compare the progress. A customised routine in a hand-written card is given that the members should follow. Every day the coach will sign the card by monitoring your activity. They are always on stand by to support you.
If health is your primary concern, then the amount paid to Aspire is more than worthy. If you are looking for a Gym at Tambaram, Aspire is the best..

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Thirumeni Nathan

This is a unisex fitness centre.when you are thinking of joining gym then you should consider this gym.this gym is Value for money if you are opted for an yearly package or 3 months package.there will be always a coach and he will be always guiding you what to do and when to do,when you are a beginner. This gym takes all the measurements of your body for every 45 days. There will also fitness test by this they will check whether you are fit or not.this is an AC gym and there are lot of equipments to workout. There is a separate dress changing room.Rest rooms are also available for both men and women.

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k.Ramganesh Kumar

A perfect gym for making your dream to reality, am saying this by my superb experience, i learnt here the importance of cardio and weights which shapes the body in a uniform manner, as for dieting here they guide a balanced diet according to workout and according to days you train, trainers guided me for each workout and explain about use of particular excercise and how its related to the muscles, there are more to say, my cousin advised to join here really a right place for who wants to transform. All the best.

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S.K. Ramachandran

Only Fitness Centre in Tambaram has very advanced equipment where no other Gyms has , especially skieing and hoist machines , Trainers were responsible and knowledgeable, Trainer Selvam has good communication among all Members and lady trainer Joy take care of all members too,overall Best gym in whole Tambaram, want to achieve your target , come and join you can see result in months.

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Praveen Elango

I have been going to this gym for years and The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, Welcoming, highly motivated, and awesome people to be around. I've never been in a gym with a better vibe. They have offered me incredible guidance and the gym is simply just a fun place to hang out. I recommend Aspire fitness to get a good result if you really wanna fit.

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Arul Durai

Trainers were Extremely motivating and follow us when we took break for a while and every time , they will provide you Exercise routine after fitness assesment and body meaaurements also they does it periodically, I have been to some other gyms too but Aspire took place the best for me, reason is they take care of you without expecting personal training thats the best part..come to Aspire and reach your Goal sooner.

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balaji ragupathy

It's been 3 months since joined. I have been hitting nearly 4 to 5 years in different gym. Never had a better experience like Aspire fitness studio. Here everyone has been treated well and provided the training according to their requirement. Amazing facility, top equipments and good environment. Skilled personal professional trainers are also available. Trainers will keep eye on individuals even the person has not taken personal training to them. Every 42 days routine of exercise will be changed. Sure you feel the difference in your fitness when you join Aspire.

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Suriya Ishu

Best place to workout and amazing environment. Super trainer's, really happy with the trainers . They are friendly and proper support throughout the training. Excellent gym. Especially good and safe place for girl's. I am happy to joined this gym at the right time for workout and overall really good place to workout at morning.

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Raj kumar

In the aspire fitness studio have supportive trainers is a Selva master, Rajesh bro and Paul bro will giving good training.im more interested go to the gym because of the infrastructure and the trainers more friendly method of giving training.I like so much this gym.

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Manikandan M

I would strongly recommend aspire for beginners. Aspire helps you to understand the basics with ease. Once you understand the basics, wherever you go it will help you in all means(injury free, posture, movements, techniques etc). Both the trainers, selva and rajesh trains everyone with utmost care. More importantly aspire boss Amal ji, he interacts in friendly manner. Asks for improvements, issues etc.If any he will rectify the same asap.

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Ruban Naveen

One of the best gym in Tambaram locality. Trainers are very friendly & knowledgeable. This place can make you feel better and bring the best shape in you. It's been 2 months since I've joined and I can already see lot of changes in me & my confidence level really spiked up. Join here & get benefited!

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Kumaresan v

The Best Fitness Studio in Tambaram, it’s been a decade old Fitness Centre, the best trainers I have ever meet in my life SELVA & AMAL anna, if u want to transform yourself, this is the place to be.......

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Shahid Hameed

Over several years, Aspire Fitness has grown and grown strong! The best gym in West Tambaram, no doubt. Lovely staff and a warm and focused owner.

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sanju srini

Worthy place to mold ourselves everyone has been treated good & giving the training according to their individual ability friendly facility, and equipments Skilled professional trainers are with us Trainers will spend time on individuals even the person has not taken personal training to them.